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Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

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If you would like to speak to REAL past parent or a parent currently on our program- Ask and we'll arrange a suitable parent for you to speak to - maybe someone that experienced similar circumstances to your own. 

Our Approach

"Our approach has been carefully crafted from over 20 years experience dealing with childhood and young people's anxiety disorders.

It is diverse and often feels counterintuitive, but it works.

Families benefit as a whole and go onto to use the formula in every aspect of life bringing calm and peace to homes and a new way of living that mends rifts in relationships and enables children to recover fully, never unlearn what they have been taught and future proof them for life.


If we were to sum up the approach I would say the angle which we use as our starting point is Anxiety is physiological and not psychological and disorder does not effect everyone."

Parenting needs redefining when a child develops anxiety and what has been done previously requires change.

As Einstein said " Insanity is doing what you've always done and expect to get something different" and joining our program every parent needs to come with an empty cup and be prepared for transformation and change.

We are not flowery, we do not speak about coping strategies or handling anxiety - we talk in simple, straight forward language about recovery and reversing all the symptoms and sensations and having your child and your family's life back to being normal, happy and healthy.

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Samantha and Davina

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