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What we do!

Your Child

  • 3 Sessions per week 1-2-1 with Child Mentor (zoom)


Recovery Road Map

  • Caterpillar 2-3 weeks.
    The journey for the children begins in Caterpillar. Each session in Caterpillar is like a puzzle piece, where the child begins to understand all the feeling and sensations of anxiety. When the puzzle is complete, the child will have complete understanding and no more fears surrounding how they feel.


  • Cocoon 2-3 weeks.
    In Cocoon the children are given all the tools and techniques required to start to challenge anxiety and to reintroduce situations previously stopped through fear and lack of confidence. By the end of Cocoon the children will be well on the road to recovery.


  • Butterfly 2-3 weeks.
    In Butterfly the mentors address the security blanket behaviours that may have developed because of the anxiety. Without addressing these coping strategies and behaviours, they could lead to the re-ignition of anxiety disorder. Butterfly then future proofs against recurrence of disorder.


  • Sessions are delivered in an intensive time frame, but the sessions themselves vary in length depending on the content of the session and the interaction between mentor the child.

  • Short enough to keep their attention, long enough to deliver the message.

  • Initially there is no need for the child to speak, we speak they listen. Rappor will build between child and mentor.

  • We have many tools and techniques to engage with the children if they are reluctant to come to the screen.

  • For children under 11 years, the parent/adult will need to be present in the room, without interacting on behalf of the child.

Mum & Dad

  • 2 daily Drop - by sessions for Mums and Dads(zoom)

Recovery Road Map


  • Cause 2-3 weeks
    The journey for parents begins in Cause with the Anxiety Modules. A comprehensive dive into Anxiety Disorder from the perspective of an adult with anxiety. How it makes you feel, then think, then behave. Cause helps you examine your own personal situation with your child, and your own parental history.


  • Consequence 2-3 week
    In Consequence you examine the symptoms and sensations your child experiences, so you can stop your fear surrounding anxiety and anxiety disorder. By the end of Consequence, you will have a complete understanding of how you got where you are.


  • Behaviour 4-5 weeks
    In Behaviour we start to learn the power of the parent and begin the implementation of new behaviours as parents. No longer afraid of the situation we can start to change how we respond to events in order to get a different and better outcome than previously experienced. With Change comes transformation.


  • Sessions are delivered in an informal presentation or Q&A style. Shared experience is both enlightening and a comfort, understanding the parallels of anxiety in the children leaves you feeling connected, no longer alone.

  • Designed to support parents throughout the process and through each of the stages of understanding.

  • All Child 1-2-1 sessions are recorded, and copies shared with the parents, so they can see the progress and development.

  • End of week summary report from the child mentor to keep parents in the loop.

  • Statutory 14 Day cooling off period - money back guarantee if you choose not to continue with the program. 

Fixed cost payment plan.

First Week Free then £90 per week (Inc VAT).
Day Money Back Guarantee if you feel after 2 weeks it is not suitable)

This formula has been highly successful in the UK for the last 3 years (where all other traditional routes are failing we succeed) This program has been reduced in price by a fifth since January 2023 to enable more families to access its remarkable format of joining up the dots with a well trodden recovery path that when everyone puts in the leg work the children recover in 12 weeks from now. Please only apply if you feel ready.

How to Get Started

What happens when you join..

Initially you will have immediate access to the portal with Modules 1 - 8 that will change everything you have thought and believed instantly giving you relief and a change in your perspective and therefore your behaviour for yourself and your child.


Within 12 hours we will be in contact to set up an initial zoom meeting, during this meeting we can get a deeper dive into where you are now and the right mentor for your child. 

We will then organise for you to meet your child's mentor and ask any questions and put a face to the name.

Then you take your journey with us as a family together but on two different tracks.

Below are some of the extra elements of the formula, not terribly exciting but necessary.

The key is - You don't need to see the whole staircase, just the first step !

GP Letter

As part of our safeguarding procedure, we provide you with a letter to notify your GP that you have enrolled on our program.

We will request full name, home address and date of birth of your child plus details of your registered GP.

We will return via email a pdf document to pass on when convenient .

School Invitation

We will also request a school contact - the full name and title/position held (Teacher/Head of Year/Pastoral/SEN/Safeguarding Lead/Welfare Officer) and their email address to set up access to the school portal if you wish for us to do so.

We do encourage schools to take part and support the children’s recovery and return to school where absence is an issue.

Once we have these details, we will send them the relevant login details (and copy you in just so you know).


Finally, GAD7 is a recognized Anxiety Disorder Diagnostic tool.  Please submit one for each parent involved in the program and one of behalf of your child, and Ashleigh will be in touch to follow up with you if necessary.

The exercise will be repeated at the end of the 8 week progem.

Contract and Consent Form

Please sign and return in due course, no rush just at some point in the next 14 days.

There is a statutory 2 week cool off process so if at any point during this time you wish to stop just let us know and a full refund will be immediately issued.

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