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Video Answers to FAQ's

What are your mentors Qualifications
It is important to state before watching the video to have watched the slide above as all the qualified professionals to date have not recovered or made your child better.
What if my child will not engage?
Every child has a backstory and most have built up a mistrust of previous 'talking' therapies, adults and sometimes even Mum and Dad. We have not failed yet....
How Long are the Child Sessions?
Each child is different, but they all have one commonality and that is the attention span is short. We tailor the timings and always stop before we outstay our welcome....
What do we do and how much?
The program is 10 weeks, it is intensive but provides the results you have been searching for and by watching the video you can have a high level view on the process.
Where are you based?
This formula runs entirely via zoom, our coaches and mentors are based across the South of England, Scotland, USA, S. Africa and Ireland.
We are slow to hire and quick to fire to ensure we have the very best team imaginable.
The Autism Question?
Every child (well almost) on our program has been tested and put on the spectrum, or is waiting to be tested for Autism. Unless your child is in a special school, please do call.
Can we have both children mentored together?
If you have more than one child struggling and they are happy to be mentored together this is a very effective solution all round.
Do both parents need to be on board?
There is no hard and fast rule to answer this question, have a watch of the video as this will help you decide if it is appropriate for both parents.
What if my child has ADHD?
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
When scared your attention span is almost non-existent.
When scared you pace and fidget.
When you stop being scared you no longer have ADHD.
Will This help My Marriage?
If We have many Mums who say if they had found us sooner they would not have divorced. Having a child with anxiety puts relationships under unthinkable strain.

How to Apply

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