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Stories and Analogies

Please ensure you watch the videos before booking a call with the team.

Physiotherapy & not Psychotherapy.
Anxiety is not a mental condition.
When you learn about Anxiety logically you stop fearing the fear and the process can begin to recover your child.
The Presentation Analogy
And why treating it as a mental condition is at best damaging and worst fatal.
The Road Rage Story?
With a slightly different twist to demonstrate that when the anxiety spikes why children become quickly aggressive and angered, mostly at Mums.
The Pan of Milk Story?
This analogy really helps parents to feel how it feels for their children, as you cannot see the sensations, this story helps you visualise them and helps your reactions to their experience.
The Soldiers at War Parallel.
Every child on our program has the same imaginative, creative, sensitive, deep thinking character type. This narrative helps explain why not all children fall prey to G.A.D
Talking Therapy is PTSD Statement.
Relates back to the Soldiers at war video. If you do not enrol with us then do one thing and Think Twice before subjecting a child with anxiety to a talking therapy.
School and Claustrophobia
There is no hard and fast rule to answer this question, have a watch of the video as this will help you decide if it is appropriate for both parents.
The Cinema Analogy
One of our favourites to help explain how when the adrenaline levels get 'stuck' how unlike with the cinema story it takes effort to reverse them but you can, and that is all that matters.
The Dope, Drink or Drugs Debate
Maybe here for this seriously disturbing final video, just play and watch.
Then if any of these videos resonate give us a call and step out and away from the herd today.

How to Apply

After your call please use this link to enrol, please do not pay prior to a call as we do not always have places available.

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