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Child Anxiety Recovery
Developed by Satsie Thomas (Founder and Author) 
Endorsed by Davina Townley (Integrated Child Psychotherapist)

Are you constantly walking on eggshells around your child?

A Child who's behaviour may be aggressive, unpredictable & volatile?

And has this also taken its toll on your relationships and your own feelings of anxiety?

You’re not alone.

We witness every day not just the child's struggles but also parents' lives being described as desperate, at the end of their tether, and crying out for help and support.

School Refusal, social withdrawal, and obsessive behaviors all start small and grow in such a short space of time time.


Parents witness changes quickly in eating, and as their children's behavior changes so does theirs. Feeling sick develops into emetophobia

What we do is like nothing you have ever tried, it feels counterintuitive but it works.

Anxiety is a feeling - feelings are held in the body - physiological not psychological - and that is our starting point. Through education and knowledge, taking the adversity you have all faced and making it into your strength and not your demise.

We offer a life-changing handheld process for a price that you will never believe is achievable - but it is and we do!


CAMHS across the country are struggling as more and more referrals for anxiety exhaust their limited resourses - and they are often treating children in a way that drives anxiety deeper, manifesting disorders that then lead to their final solution  - medication.

Anxiety is treatable - it is your child's incredible imaginative personality that has turned into a curse that we know precisely how to reverse back to being their blessing again -  being not just happy but stronger and more resilient for the journey  - a journey that includes Mum and Dad too!

8 Weeks to Recover Your Child

Parents talking about life before finding our Method.
Parents saying how life is after the program.
Parents talking about feeling skeptical prior to joining.
Parents being asked if they would recommend us.

Have A Watch Below...

Why Other methods have not Worked?
Anxiety is not a mental condition.
When you learn about Anxiety logically you stop fearing the fear and the process can begin to recover your child.
Why Children with Anxiety can be aggressive?
With a slightly different twist to demonstrate that when the anxiety spikes why children become quickly aggressive and angered, mostly at Mums.
What's happening under the skin?
This analogy really helps parents to feel how it feels for their children, as you cannot see the sensations, this story helps you visualize them and helps your reactions.
Your Child has a creative Character.
Every child in our program has the same imaginative, creative, sensitive, deep-thinking character type. This narrative helps explain why not all children fall prey to G.A.D
Why Children Refuse School
There is no hard and fast rule to answer this question, have a watch of the video as this will help you decide if it is appropriate for both parents.


We speak - Children Recover.

  • The Formula Recovers Parents and Children.

  • The Changes are Noticeable in Weeks.

  • The Formula is Simple and child-oriented.

  • The method is Proven to be Highly Effective.

  • The structure is easy to follow, enjoyable and effortless.

It is not magic, but it feels like a Miracle.

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Will this work for my child?

  • If your child is struggling with feeling anxious, scared and nervous, not wanting to go to school. Feeling sick and disengaged in life, then yes. This is the solution.

  • What if my child will not engage?

  • Every child wants to feel good again. Once you have begun your child will feel a shift in the home, and we will walk you through the way to introduce the program.

  • Why are some people skeptical?

  • When the old traditional methods, Doctors, and trusted practitioners are letting you down, it is understandable that parents can hardly believe there is a company proving everyone wrong.

  • We have two children can they be mentored together?

  • We include siblings at no extra cost. 

  • How long is the program?

  • The program runs for a fixed period, you can cancel at any time and extend if you would like to - your child keeps their portal for life.

Why Your Child's Behaviour Has Changed
(Watch the videos relevant to your child) 

Refusing School

Agressive Outbursts

Feeling Sick, Eating Issues

Stomach Pain, Diarrhoea, IBS



Always tired, run down and poorly

Selective mutism, tics and stammers

Intrusive Thoughts

Self - Harm

Last and Final Video.....

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